Victor Hemmingway

Helpful and friendly staff a good range of equipment a great atmosphere a good place to workout both myself and my wife joined before it was equipped and finished and we are glad we did keep up the good work.

Teri Skinner

I had a taster session at the weekend and joined the following day, I felt quite intimidated when I first walked in as I’ve never used a gym, preferring to swim, the staff there changed my opinion in the first half an hour, they made me feel welcome and were really supportive. I loved every minute! Thanks guys.

Leeanna Fountain

For the first time in my life I’m actually enjoying going to the gym! I started with the e-gym and went on to book 3 personal training sessions to gradually get me into the rest of the gym (I have massive confidence issues so this has been a big step for me) I’ve attended my first spin class on my own and absolutely loved it. Thank you to everyone for just being friendly and happy to answer questions that I had.

Layla Holloway

I have been a member of many gyms in Ipswich (paid a years membership went once) and I haven’t felt comfortable. However FTC have been fab! It is so welcoming and I feel like I can actually fit in without that feeling of everyone watching. I haven’t enjoyed exercising in years and I have finally got to the point where I actually look forward to going to the gym. Thank you FTC gym and especially to SJ and Linzi for making classes and PT sessions so fun!

Issy Burch

Been going to this gym for 6 weeks or so now and its just wonderful. Everyone is so welcoming, you never feel uncomfortable or out of place. The classes are brilliant, there’s so much variety, there’s something for everyone. Personally I’m a fan of the Bootcamp sessions, really good mix of exercises for a total body workout. I’m feeling fitter, stronger and healthier – thank you FTC!

Clair Thomas

I am soooo glad I made the decision to change gyms. I had really lost all motivation and wasn’t enjoying working out anymore, it seemed like such a slog. Now I am looking forward to the gym again, the staff are mega friendly at FTC, the classes are exactly what I needed and really push me AND now I’ve got the kids going once a week too!  The facilities are clean, there is plenty of equipment and it’s also very reasonable! Well done FTC and thank you!

Sarah Sas

Happy 1st birthday FTC!! Ive been a member of FTC since Jan last year and started attending in March 2018 when it opened. I can honestly say that joining this gym was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Staff are so friendly and other members are too. I usually attend classes where there is always laughter and lots of hard work. I leave every class feeling like Ive worked every muscle in my body. I might not have lost any weight in the year Ive been a member (mostly because Im greedy) but I am definitely fitter, stronger, and more importantly, so much more confident. Im not afraid to try new exercises or to use new equipment like I would have been in the past. I have also tried a range of classes and found so many that I enjoy. My favourite memory from the last year has to be Beats, Prosecco, and nibbles evening! So much fun. Never thought I’d ever say that about a gym!! Keep doing what you’re doing FTC. Here’s to the next year!!

Denise Wood

I joined because of the specialist rehabilitation experience advertised. I have limited mobility and the state of the art Egym equipment is perfect for those people less able. The owners have designed the whole site sympathetically, with the Egym being located close to reception (so no self conscious walk through the main gym), and no mirrors in the main gym for those less body confident customers. The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgable. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending FTC to anybody – young or old, able or disabled.

Claire Louise Pollard

Apart from being a fantastic gym they also have an amazing physio/injury clinic run by luckhurst injury clinic! Today I was seen by Kai and was really impressed he really knows his stuff and was able to help with my back pain and explain in great detail what was going on even being able to start some treatment there and then to help ease my pain. Thanks Kai I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Rachel Ottywell

I went along to the open day at the beginning of the month with my husband & we were so impressed at what FTC has to offer that we both signed up straight away. I’ve always been quite lazy & hated the thought of doing any form of exercise, let alone set foot in a gym before but after starting at FTC I’m totally hooked! Everyone is super welcoming, the classes are SO much fun (big shout out to Linzi & SJ) & the eGym is brilliant. If someone had told me a month ago that I’d be spending a good part of my week/weekend doing exercise (& actually enjoying it) then I’d have laughed at them but it’s honestly the best thing I’ve done & I look forward to doing the classes & using the eGym every week. Keep up the good work team FTC

Sally Parfett

I havenn’t been in a gym or taken part in a class for the best part if 20 years ! I Was a little apprehensive about getting into this but after yesterdays pump class with SJ and todays beatz with Linzy I’ve got the bug ( just a little bit!) And have booked for all sorts of other classes to try. So friendly, encouraging and I certainly didnt have anything to worry about feeling silly not being very fit (yet) in front of others. All very comfortable, professional without being pretentious. I can hardly walk today though from aching !! That’s my only complaint!

Charlotte Rowe

If your a self conscious person I defiantly recommend this gym. Lovely friendly staff who give inductions. The classes are also brilliant with instructors who are ready to motivate you but also happy to suggest how to take it at your own pace. I recommend joining for the classes alone

Tim Clemons

Great place, super friendly, no frills all you need.

Gemma Carter

First time Ive been to a gym and I love it very friendly no one judge you I was very worried about joining and being around loads of people I dont know but everyone just get on with what they are doing . I enjoy going and have met new people something i dont do due to working night shifts but everyone there are friendly and the staff are lovely I actually look forward to going I think its helped with my self-esteem and Im now happy walking through them doors something I was so scared about doing im so glad I joined FTC

Vikki Brown

Used the gym for the first time today! Loved it. Everyone is friendly, the equipment is brilliant, everything I could possibly wish for in a gym. Nice to see women in the free weights area! Never saw that in my old gym. Can’t wait to try the classes.

Andrew Rodgers

Very well equipped gym with friendly staff that support your goals

Tammy Sillett

Joined FTC in May and im addicted!! I joined by myself and of course worried I would be standing alone feeling lost, however that has never been the case. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and I have made some great friends already. I attend at least 3 times a week and have done everything from boxing and hiit with Jamie, Pump and spin with SJ and bootcamp with John, every time the classes are a little different and I come out feeling worked! I cant recommend this gym enough, its fabulous. Keep up the fantastic work guys

Tahnee Finch

After having a baby 5 months ago and feeling a bit down about the way my body had changed so much (saying yes to chocolate when I really shouldn’t have) I decided it was about time I got myself in gear and got my fitness levels back up and myself feeling good again. 

I’ve never been a member of a gym so the prospect of joining was a bit nerve-wracking in itself, but I went along to see what the place was about. I walked in and was immediately greeted by 2 ladies working on the front of house, shown around the facilities and told about the concessions…. (a fantastic deal for NHS and also forces.) It seemed too good to turn down so I signed up on the spot. 

I had a gym induction with Oli who was so helpful, the gym is spotlessly clean, there’s plenty of equipment not to mention classes to choose from. I’ve so far been to 3 classes which I have absolutely loved… (Even if I’m now struggling to walk after SJ’s pump class!) SJ took on board the fact that I had recently had a baby and tailored the exercises to suit. I couldn’t fault her. John’s Kettlebell class meant actually waking up before my baby for a change but it really did set me up for the day. A rest day tomorrow and I’m already looking forward to Thursdays Spin!

So far the place has been great. Thanks FTC!

Leeanna Fountain

For the first time in my life I’m actually enjoying going to the gym! I started with the e-gym and went on to book 3 personal training sessions to gradually get me into the rest of the gym (I have massive confidence issues so this has been a big step for me) I’ve attended my first spin class on my own and absolutely loved it. Thank you to everyone for just being friendly and happy to answer questions that I had

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